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Possible attack on Iran related to Iraq conflict

The possibility that the U.S. government will attack on Iran is unfortunately real. Iran sits between Iraq and Afghanistan. An attack could cause the violence in that region to spin even further out of control, and would have consequences for the safety of the entire world.

The press has reported that President Bush gave a "prepare to deploy" order to the nuclear-equipped aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower and its accompanying strike force. They are now headed for the Persian Gulf, just off the coast of Iran. This deployment could be the first step of planned military action against Iran.

As a suggested first step in opposing this, there is a new petition, hosted by Just Foreign Policy and Peace Action, calling on our government not to attack Iran:

At a time when our troops are still in Iraq, where the violence is really spinning out of control, it does not make any sense to attack Iran. However, it seems that our government may actually do it unless the American people restrain them. That is why signing this petition right now is so urgent. Of course, this is only the first step, but it is an important step.

Please sign now and then forward this link to your friends:
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