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You need to see this

From the Move America Forward e-mail newsletter

If you know someone who doesn't understand why we have 180,000 brave U.S. troops honorably serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, then please share this video with them:

We are approaching the 7-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and since then Islamic jihadists have not been able to inflict another terrorist attack on American soil. And U.S. troops deserve a lot of praise for this fact. Our troops have al-Qaeda broken into pieces, and their affiliated terrorist groups largely decimated. This is the direct result of our troops' missions in Iraq & Afghanistan, and around the world (in conjunction with the dilligent work of law enforcement and intelligence agencies).

So please realize that while you are sitting at your chair reading this email, a young man or woman is over in Iraq or Afghanistan, enduring temperatures over 115 degrees, and fighting violent radical jihadists who want to see you and I dead, and our society and values destroyed.

We should say thank you to our troops. In fact, we cannot begin to thank them enough. One small step that we at Move America Forward are taking is organizing the largest shipment of care packages to U.S. troops in history. You can do your part by sponsoring care packages for our troops here:

Thank you for doing this one, small, decent act on behalf of our military men & women.
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