school me (maliyeh) wrote in iraq_war,
school me

There's no way to win the war in Iraq

Doesn’t it seem rational to believe we shouldn't let our soldiers die in a war we can't win? Let's not mention the fact that the reasons we went in (weapons of mass destruction) have shifted to "liberating" poor innocent Iraqis from their ruthless oppressor to instituting a "democracy" in a sea of illegitimate governments through the region. The rationale has again shifted with the times now that the country has descended into civil war (the administration will never admit it but look closely at non-US reports) and it's evident that the insurgency keeps growing like weeds, meaning you will never get rid of them.

Sellout Democrats and Republicans are talking the talk... we can't leave now or the insurgents will take over. How is this situation different from Vietnam?

We got ourselves stuck in a war we couldn’t win. We’ve again found ourselves in an unwinnable war… we’ve lost sight of our objectives and our soldiers are up against people who USE THEIR BODIES AS WEAPONS. Don’t get me get started on the incompetence of the political decision makers in the whole military operation. How on earth can you win a war like that?
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