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War in Iraq 2003
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This is a community dedicated to discussion and debate about the current war in Iraq.

Any and all views are welcome in the form of personal obervations and commentary, links to articles and essays, images, etc. Whether you are pro- or anti-Iraq war, do not care one way or the other, and/or are even simply disgusted with the attention the war is receiving in general, you are encouraged to participate. This community does not aim to take on any specific view or opinion of the war. Rather, the idea of this community is to foster open debate and discussion, thus hopefully promoting wider, more diverse knowledge and awareness of this conflict.

This is a time when emotions are running high and many people disagree over this matter. Please refrain from outright insults and disrespectfulness, and recognize the importance of constructive discussion from all sides. This is not to say criticism, heated discussion, and what may be termed as "extremist" opinions and debate are not welcome: what is not welcome is intolerance and personal, petty mudslinging. Many people participating in this community may well have already experienced a good deal of turmoil over the matter of the war in Iraq in other online forums or real life: we do not need another war here.

Please use the LJ cut-tag when posting very long entries or articles, and when posting larger images. Please keep on topic, refrain from one-liner, pointless posts and propaganda like "Bush sucks!" or "Protestors suck!" or "Saddam is a monster!", etc. These will be deleted. Try to make posts relevant, to-the-point, and intelligent.

Yes, profanity is fine. Again, no: outright insults like "You asshole, how can you say that..." etc. are not.